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We Believe:

That writing pulp fiction is not a crime! (But it is often about crime)

Genre fiction can be artistic and literary. (Though I don’t know who’d want it to be wordy and boring)

Young Adults have a right to vampires that don’t sparkle. (And we have a duty to give it to them.)

Romance can and should include a body count. (A strong emotional tie to firearms or explosives counts as romance.)

A western can be set in outer space. (with Nazis)

It’s okay to shoot the piano player. (twice, he sucked)

We have a plan for the zombie apocalypse. (We know you do too)

In Werewolves!


A secret critique group, known only to a special few, had a vision and a desire to control their own writing careers independently, a pocket of resistance against the zombie publishers. Netbound Publishing was created. It is our way of bunkering in against the cookie-cutter novels, the gory remains of a publisher zombie attack. They’re everywhere, they’re overwhelming, but dammit, the Twinkies are just over the ridge and we’re gonna get some. We have words and we know how to use them.

If you think your submission has what it takes, then read on.

Submission Information

AUTHORS RETAIN ALL COPYRIGHTS TO THEIR WORK. All books will take“one time rights.” We will consider reprinting an existing story as long as it is good and your copyright is your own.

OUR BOOKS ARE INTENDED TO BE MORE. THEY ARE DESIGNED TO BE USED AS A PROMOTION TOOL FOR THE AUTHORS. To this end, at the end of every story or book, there will be a short “author’s bio” saying what else the author has written, where it can be found, where their web page is, contact information, etc. Also, authors will be given a “self promotion” packet. HOWEVER, we, as publishers will press release the author’s hometown publications (names and addresses of said publications to be supplied by authors.)

Authors will be paid royalties according to sales. Payment will be made quarterly.

A quarterly newsletter will come out with the royalty check keeping authors informed about things such as how many stores the books are currently placed in and how many copies have sold and what is being done to promote the books.

E-submissions only to

Netbound Publishing is a new and independent company dedicated to the success of our writers. You will be kept informed as well as the first to know about upcoming Netbound projects.





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